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Plastsan Ltd. Sti. gives importance to the satisfaction of both domestic and overseas customers very seriously. The principle of continuous improvement of quality is an integral part of our business, "At a time, error-free, high quality production and service" on March 2011 to give the ISO / TS 16949:2009 Automotive Management System by establishing a certification activities carried out successfully, we continue to work fit for the ISO 14001 standards.

In Plastsan Plastic laboratory, each with its own rigorous studies are carried out in the field with an experienced and successful employees. Both the raw material research and product testing is done without error by this team. Every product we produce in our laboratories according to their own property are subjected to various tests. These tests are based on the principles of quality and durability.

M.F.I. test:
Finished and semi-finished products of polymers, melt flow index of granule and determines the foils.

Determination of Ash:
Determines the fill of filler in polymers with percent(%).

Determination of Moisture:
Masterbacth paints and materials in the condensate trap moisture which determines the rate.

Color Control:
Compound determines the color differences in the products and paints.

Vicat Temperature Test:
Detects the softening temperature of polymers, engineering plastics, applied for this test.

HDT Temperature Test:
Over the operating temperature for the determination of use is made of plastics. Temperature at the start of deformation under load. applied for engineering plastics.

Density measurement test:
Granular formulations of the material by measuring the weights of the ambient air and ethyl alcohol is placed in location and density of the material to be tested.