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Plastsan Sancaktepe Ltd.Şti.in 2008 was established in 1400 meter square at a closed area in İstanbul today .At present, including the automotive industry, Electrical - Lighting, Construction, Health Equipments, Textile Accessories and so on. carried out to many sectors, product design and mold. Plastsan became a partner in the process of manufacture of the final product solution.

Plastsan Ltd. Sti. in order to meet increasing customer demand, especially on March 2011 Plastsan Ltd. Sti. the establishment of the TS 16949:2009 certification by TUV SUD Automotive Management System Certification completed.

Plastsan, together with its employees, provide a healthy development, aims to provide products and services of international quality and standards with provide customer satisfaction. in this way, its country aims to be a symbol of continuity and respectability for its customers and industry

The first priority is to respond to the expectations of the quality and stability to create value for our customers.

The quality of our products and services start the quality of our employees. Attracting the best personnel and adults, and to employ the power company, our people's capabilities, to ensure maximum benefit from the power and creativity, increasing their efficiency, to allow development, and cooperation and to create solidarity flourished a working environment is one way to ensure continuity over generations of Plastsan.

To ensuring the continuity of the activity, the necessary investments to realize, employees and the community to assist the economic and social development, ensuring rational use of all resources and compomising extravagance with providing rational use of all resources is our main principles.

Plastsan, evangelists all business processes and in its relations with its accuracy and integrity checks the conformity with the principle of movement.

Turkey, and to the world, protection of the environment in mind and it is our duty to spread the awareness. Plastsan aims at natural resources and the most efficient way to use design phase, the possible environmental impacts of their products to the end of their life to keep under control, to reduce waste at its source and the reverse to earn as much as possible.

Plastsan aims at work and start of work, occupational health and job security to provide full's earliest days. Employees move with this purpose in accordance with the instructions and rules so that they move they are located and the necessary precautions.

Plastsan avoids its framework of activities of third parties, the patent, the useful model, industrial design, copyright, trademark and the like are all intellectual and industrial property rights that can lead to a violation of actions or unfair competition.

Employees work by a part of every kind of commercial, financial, technical, and legal information privacy protection, are not related to this information with other business people and organizations not disclose the information required by a third parties that should go without saying, as required by the business information, and necessary measures for the protection of privacy of information.

Plastsan's first aim is Personal information of customers and employees to protecting the privacy of the priority .

Employees in accordance with this goal in accordance with the instructions and rules set forth the motion, the necessary precautions are also involved.

Today's four seasons our responsibilities to future generations and it is one of Plastsan'S basic principles.

Plastsan supports their workers, the social conscience will be involved in voluntary social activities it supports that they are.

Product safety and quality is the primary objectives of Plastsan and employees. In this context, the employees are liable in accordance with company standards and procedures to ensure product safety and quality are required to share them.

Plastsan and employees aims to ensure continuity in product safety and quality of Plastsan continuous improvement targets. In this context,our priority targets are spreading a culture of quality employees and business partners.

Plastsan aims at customers, suppliers and their relations with the public at all times courteous, professional and committed to be treated in a fair manner.

Employees need to conduct their business and private lives, or during the Plastsans’ relationship with the public in front of other people and organizations that would damage the reputation of any act or do not exist in law will result in the uncomfortable position.

Plastsan aims customer satisfaction and loyalty and aims to become the leading company in the automotive sector.